Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: ALDI Specially Selected Pizza Kit

Given my satisfaction with other refrigerated or frozen pizza offerings at ALDI (such as Mama Cozzi's, reviewed HERE), I was intrigued when I saw a weekly special for a $3.79 "Specially Selected" Pizza Kit in the refrigerated section. The kit is a long narrow box, which contains only a small jar of "sweetly spiced sauce" and a small rectangle of pizza dough, rolled up with parchment paper. 

Following the package directions, I pre-heated the oven to 425 and assembled the pie. I added some grated Gouda cheese and slices of ALDI "Country Style Chicken Breakfast Sausage."

I was tempted to bake it directly on my Pizza Grate (full story here on that cooking surface) but instead laid the parchment on the grate. I was also tempted to cook it at a higher temp, but I kept it at 425.
Just dough and sauce in the box

Before baking

The directions called for 15-20 minutes, but the pie looked pale so I left it in for 25 minutes. Even after that, it was not crisp or rigid as I removed the pie; instead the crust was limp.
Out of the oven

I cut it into 8 square slices. The thin crust was sturdy enough to eat it without knife and fork. This pizza (product of Austria!) was tasty enough, but no better than an average frozen pizza. Its soft crust and sweet sauce will probably appeal to children. The Gouda and sausage were nice enhancements, but did not lift the pie above average.
Pale underside of a slice

The crust could be better if I cooked it right on the Pizza Grate or my Baking Steel at 550 degrees, but that sweet sauce is a limiter. The crust - thin, limp, pale when prepared as directed - gets a 3.  The sauce gets a 5. The parchment paper is a nice touch. This is a decent buy at its sub-$4 price, but unless you are feeding kids, why bother?  


  1. I came across this review, was surprised to see this product. A sad review, you're right, kids might like it. I imagine the ingredients are pretty low standard with a $4 price tag, since that means Aldi buys it for about $1.
    I have an artisan food company in Asheville that makes Pizza Kits that are similar, except not refrigerated. Check it when you get a chance! Thanks, I enjoyed your review. Sue