Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Uno Pizzeria and Grill - Flatbread Pizza

Recently, I was happy to find an enjoyable rendition of Chicago style deep-dish pizza at a Newtown, PA location of the Uno Pizzeria and Grill national pizza chain. You can read that full review and see pictures HERE.
Veggie flatbread at Uno

Among our four members at that lunchtime meal, two ordered "flatbreads" and they were kind enough to share. I was able to sample a simple tomato sauce and cheese flatbread, and one topped with a veggie mix that included fresh tomato and eggplant.

Both arrived as large ovals - big portions for one person at lunch. Visually, they were a bit like Roman style pizza and the oval flatbread resembled the offerings at Jules Thin Crust.

The crust was a delightful surprise - it was properly thin, with a serious crunch on the bottom and a pleasant chewiness.  From the underside, the crust reminded me of pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, a large chain that makes not-lousy pizza.

As with the deep-dish that I had ordered, both of these pies sported an appropriate amount of sauce and cheese to maintain good balance and to prevent excess moisture from soaking the crust. The sauce was lively and a little spicy - a much bolder offering than I would expect from a national chain.

Underside of the crust

Much like my deep-dish, these "flatbreads" (oval thin-crust pizza, actually) were tasty, balanced, and a good value. Kudos to Uno Pizzeria and Grill for succeeding in both its deep-dish and thin-crust offerings. I'd never choose it over destination pizza like La Porta or Motorino, but you can count on a satisfying and quick lunch at Uno.

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