Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Rotissol and Greens (Cuban Sandwich) Lunch Truck, Portland OR

Once in a while, I get some non-pizza sustenance that is so remarkable that it earns a spot on this pizza blog.

Nearby Vendors along Alder Street; Click any pic to enlarge!
Nearby Pioneer Courthouse

Yesterday, at one of the many wonderful food trucks all over the funky town of Portland Oregon, I got a very good Viet Hoagie (banh mi).  Fabulous and tasty at just $3, but not quite as amazing as my Favorite Sandwich Ever, the banh mi at QT Sandwich Shop (reviewed HERE) in Philadelphia.


Inspired by that outing, I returned for one last Portland food-truck lunch before returning to Pennsylvania. There is a huge set of "trucks" (really more like mobile homes) occupying an entire block that is bordered by Alder and Ninth streets.  

I circled the entire block, was tempted by Egyptian Halal, Georgian (as in former Soviet state), and Ethiopian offerings (as well as the usual Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Burgers, soups, Viet, salads, Chinese, cheesesteaks) but finally decided on a fairly conventional pressed Cuban sandwich at Rotissol and Greens, because it just looked so good in the picture.

It was pricey at $8 (compared to yesterday's $3 banh mi) but still cheap by most measures.  The gent working inside was exceedingly friendly and my sandwich was ready in 5 minutes.

Well, I'm here to say that the QT banh mi in Philly now has a challenger for Best Sandwich Ever. The bread was almost as good as the picture promised, but the real payload was inside. I chose the classic (with just pork instead of chicken and/or ham) to go along with the cheese (I chose cheddar over provolone), lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, and mayo.

The pork was exceptional. Sliced about 1/8 inch thick, grilled crispy on the edges but tender inside, seasoned perfectly, and applied generously. Because of the mayo, tomato, pickle, and lettuce, there was a big moisture factor but the grilled bread held up and I was able to eat it without making too much of a mess. 

The ingredients played together perfectly. Each bite was a delightfully perfect mix of flavor and texture. 

Conclusion: QT's banh mi hold clear title to Best Cold Sandwich Ever. Rotissol and Green's Cuban (they actually call it the Puerto Rican) is the Best Hot Sandwich Ever.

I'm not ready to declare one of them better than the other; they both deserve your caloric dedication!

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