Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Sauce Pizza and Wine (Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport)

A colleague and fellow pizza epicure recently stumbled on some very good pie in an unlikely location. Here is his capsule review:

We've all been there. Preparing for an early morning cross country flight. You know you have to eat something before getting on the plane, but the airport options range from bad to worse.
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Recently, while shuffling reluctantly toward the fast food counter at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the flicker of an open flame caught my eye and I turned to find myself peering into the brick oven of a small pizza establishment tucked behind a large bank of departure screens in the middle of the main lobby.

Sauce Pizza and Wine offers a small number of breakfast pizzas. The limited variety, however, is more than compensated for by the execution of what is available.

My egg, spinach, and bacon pizza was excellent. The crust was very thin but firm enough to hold with one hand, with crisp air-filled pockets around the edges. I asked for my eggs scrambled, but I'm certain they could have made them sunny-side up instead. Potatoes also were available, but I opted for none. I did, however, go for a liberal sprinkling of hot sauce which gave me the morning punch I needed.

Total cost: ten bucks. Check out Sauce the next time you're in Phoenix. It turned my day around.

David C, Kennett Square, PA

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