Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Cambridge 1 Pizza, Cambridge MA

On the same day when I had enjoyed the classic pizza from Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Neapoletana (review HEREin New Haven CT, FEEP (fellow enthusiast for eating pizza) Jr. and I set out to find some superior pie in the Boston area. In order to get a greater contrast, we leaned toward "pizza noveau" over revered pizza joints like Regina in Boston. We settled on the grilled pizza at Cambridge 1, in Cambridge MA.

The place had a handsome, dark wood interior and buzzed with the excitement you'd expect in a hip foodie joint in a hip college town. After a short wait at the counter near the window, we were seated. The charcoal grilled pizzas are medium sized ovals, and you can order a half or a whole.

We selected a half each of the #4 - portobello, roasted onion, asiago, and the #10 - fresh lobster, roasted shallots, mascarpone. The lobster pie was a bold choice but since we were going off the grid, we went all in.

It was even better than this looks

On a grilled pizza, the only heat is delivered from the bottom. Hence the toppings are not seared in as they might be in a traditional pie; they more or less ride on top, bruschetta-style. Some, I think, need to be cooked beforehand, such as the mushrooms and shallots.

Lobster close-up

The portobello pie was infused with the rich earthy flavors you'd expect. The lobster pie was even better. Luscious with the mascarpone, it had a generous amount of fresh lobster that was not overcooked. The crust on both pies was delectable, with nice grill stripes. At the end of the day, it was delicous, but the crust was not a pizza crust. Was it pita, was it flatbread, was it Armenian lavash?

Earns points just for its looks

I loved this meal and I know we will go back; they also have a nice selection of beers. Was it pizza? Ehhhhhhhhhhh, I dunno. But it was delicous. I award Cambridge 1 8.25 stars, but I can't quite call it pizza.

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