Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: New Haven Pizza, West Chester PA

I confess, I have never been to New Haven and tried the legendary pie there. But based on what I've read, it's good stuff.* Hence, in search of the elusive worthy pie in West Chester, I was excited to learn about a pizza joint billing itself as "New Haven" Pizza. Surely these guys knew something about a quality pie.

Well, let's begin with the positives. The place is cozy, friendly, welcoming. Just a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but it fits perfectly in the downtown area of this college town. They have cold beer for takeout. The pizza is really cheap, and the staff is friendly. So much to like!

Alas, the pie is truly forgettable. As usual, ordinary pie has an unremarkable crust. This crust reminds me of frozen pizza, with its pale yellow hue and the consistency of supermarket "Italian" bread.

This place serves it cores customers really well -- broke college kids needing a cheap bellyful of pizza and beer. I salute them for that. As for the pizza, four out of ten. Honestly, I think I'd prefer Pizza Hut.

* Update: I did get to Frank Pepe's in New Haven CT in October 2011, and the pie there exceeded expectations. Wonderful stuff. Review can be found on this blog. 

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