Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick Take: Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana, Phoenix

Phoenix is home to some remarkable pizza, and in fact many credit Pizzeria Bianco as the place that kicked off the Neapolitan pizza renaissance that has, thankfully, spread all across America.  I can verify the superb pie that we had there, and it was worth the three-hour wait.
The "Rosa" at Pane Bianco

For Phoenicians and visitors, the quest for good pizza is getting easier, because Marc Bianco has opened some more locations, and his brother is running the wonderful Pane Bianco, which offers many of the same pies with none of the wait. My pizza at Pane Bianco was every bit as good as the one at Pizzeria Bianco; full review and pics are HERE.

We have a field report of more top-shelf pizza in Phoenix.  Chris and Leah are Trenton natives (and hence experts at tomato pie) who traveled to Phoenix to see the Eagles play a road game. On that autumn trip, they visited Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana. 
Pizza at Pomo

Chris reports:

Pomo has a certificate that says the oven is made from bricks that come from Mount Vesuvius ... Very good sauce, buffalo mozzarella ... They have two locations so both are worth a visit ... I like more sauce, both overall a good pie ... not quite DeLorenzo's on Hudson, but very good.

Chris did not describe the crust, but it looks pretty genuine.  Pomo is on my list to visit for my next trip to Phoenix.

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