Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Anthony's Wood Oven Pizzeria, Exton PA

Having been in the West Chester area for 21 months without finding a "go-to" pizza joint, I began asking the locals. Two different people recommended Anthony's, and one was able to articulate that its distinctive advantage was the thin and crisp crust. 

Music to my ears, so I stopped by to try a few slices. Anthony's is located in a typical suburban strip mall on Rt. 30 near Whitford Rd., and looks like any other storefront pizzeria/Italian restaurant churning out mediocre fare for the undiscriminating customer. Could this place be different?

I found they did have some interesting varieties available by the slice. The friendly counter man suggested a slice of the "classica" which uses fresh mozzarella, and I chose also a slice of the eggplant pie. Both had considerable eye appeal. The pie does indeed have a thin and crisp crust, but it lacked both the flavor and the al dente chewiness that comes with the best pies. The toppings were tasty, but adhesion to the crust was weak.

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Overall, I came away disappointed. I had hoped for a truly special pizza, but I found pie that was only slightly better than average. I'd rate it 6 out of 10. The biggest let down is that on their website home page, they have a picture of a beautiful bubbled-and-charred crusted artisan pie, but there was no sign of such at the counter. Nor any sign of a wood-fired oven (I should have asked).
You won't see THIS pie at Anthony's. :-(

Anthony's Website

Please read an excellent and thorough review (HERE) by Keystone Pizza Critic

The quest continues for a worthy pie in West Chester...

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  1. Come on, what is crust adhesion? You should have tried the roasted red pepper. Joe runs a nice pizza shop. It is byob and Rosa is a pleasant person who holds down the fort when Joe has the day off. i like this family run restaurant regardless of the pizza rating. It is a family favorite.