Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: Emma's Pizza, Boston MA

Emma's Pizza had been a mainstay in Cambridge since its opening in 1962; toward the end of 2016, Emma's moved from that college town to a corner in Boston's South End. This new location has a couple of counters, but looks to be a mostly take-out operation. Based on its long-standing reputation, I stopped in for a couple of slices on a chilly March weeknight. 
Pepperoni slice
My slice of pepperoni pizza (The Lampoon) came from a pie that had been made previously, so it went into the oven for a quick re-heat. There was a substantial amount of traditional dry mozzarella on this slice, but it was well supported by the thin, crisp, and rigid NY-style crust. The red sauce was dense, dark, and richly spiced. 

Most of the pepperoni circles were under the cheese, and they had a distinct spicy heat. Each bite yielded an audible crunch. Overall, this was a reasonably authentic rendering of a classic NY slice. I'd change it only by reducing the amount of mild mozzarella and adding a bit of a sharper or saltier cheese. 

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My second slice (The Study Break) was topped with green peppers, garlic, and roasted mushrooms. Much as I had found a few weeks earlier at the spectacular Elio G's in Old Forge PA, vegetable toppings work best when the veggies enter the pizzeria raw and are prepped in house. Here, this trio of toppings worked in harmony to produce a surprising umami of earthy flavors. 

The crust on this slice - which has come to me directly from the whole pie baking in the conventional gas oven - was softer than the slice that had been re-heated. As much as I enjoyed it, I expect I'd like it even more with a crisping from a re-heat. 
Great looking NY-style crust
Service was friendly and fast; with tax I paid $9.26 for these two slices and a can of soda. Emma's is precisely the kind of corner spot to enhance any neighborhood with a good variety of good slices or pies for take-out.

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