Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Most Influential Pizzas in America

Any pizza list is likely to generate some controversy, but it's good that pizza generates such passion.

The writers at First We Feast deviated from the "Best Pizza" type of analysis toward an attempt to list the most influential pizzerias in American pizza history. Some of these are just fabulous pizza, others are mass marketers who changed the way we eat pizza.
The "Rosa" at Pane Bianco

The analysis was assembled in mini-reviews from a pizza people panel that included pizza makers, pizza writers, pizza tour operators, and one guy who blogs about pizza in his spare time (me).

I got to write about Pizzeria Bianco. I visited Bianco before I began this blog, but the memory is distinct (amazing pizza, three-hour wait) and the influence of Chris Bianco is hard to overstate. Happily for Phoenix area folks, there are now several Bianco outlets, including the wonderful Pane Bianco.

Here is the link to learn about the pizza makers that shaped the current pizza landscape:

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