Saturday, September 24, 2011

Field Report: Destination Pizza in Franklin PA

Here is a field report from a trusted pizza expert:

Dear Pizza Quixote,

Although we have found high quality pizza in Pittsburgh (Ardolino's in Upper St. Clair, in particular), pies further north in western Pennsylvania tend to be unremarkable. However, I have recently located an excellent pizza right here in Franklin.

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There are a few questions about the provenance of this pie, however. It seems that the pizza chef is of Italian extraction and spent all of her life until a few months ago in central New Jersey, a location well known for quality pizza. Further, there is evidence that the pizza was actually homemade. 

Nonetheless, eating this wonderful pie caused this observer to set aside any doubts and simply enjoy the culinary experience. Thin, crispy crust, as specified by the Pizza Quixote blog, fresh tomatoes and basil, high quality imported cheese...sublime!

Should you undertake to travel to the far reaches of the Keystone State, this qualifies as a 'destination pizza.'

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