Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Ron's Original Bar and Grille

In seeking worthy pizza in the West Chester area, I found some positive online reviews of Ron's Original Bar and Grille, at 74 E. Uwchlan Avenue in Exton. I went there with FEEP (fellow enthusiast for eating pizza) Jr. to find out about their pie.

Ron's used to be called "Ron's Schoolhouse Grille" and my GPS still thinks so. It's a curious place. By the look of it, it seems like it wants to be Chili's or Friday's. It has a huge menu and an eclectic decor that recalls The Ground Round chain of the early 80s. It was not an encouraging sign. And, as previously noted in this blog, the good pizza comes mostly from pizza specialists, not from places that try to offer something for everybody.

The big menu includes traditional pizza and what many regard as the house specialty, personal size pizza-like creations they call "ovals."  They come in many combos, most with crust and cheese but no red sauce. I ordered the cheese-sausage-grilled onions oval; FEEP Jr. ordered the cheddar-bacon-potato oval.

Service was excellent, and at lunch time the place buzzed with patrons. Soon, our ovals arrived. The crust? Well, it was really quite good. Puffy like a Neapolitan, Not quite as charred or chewy or wonderful such as you'd find at Motorino or Osteria, but pret-ty pret-ty pret-ty good. It had an undercoat of corn meal.

My sausage was good, genuine well-spiced Italian sausage, and the onions were nicely carmelized. They sat atop a browned bed of good mozzarella. Well done indeed. FEEP's potato-bacon-cheddar oval had some ranch dressing in it (?) too and had even more flavor. My only suggestion would be to use thin sliced potatoes instead of square chunks.

THIS now eclipses Marzano's as the best pie in the West Chester area. I have to go back and try their "regular" pie, based on the success of these ovals. Well done, Ron!  This earns 7.5 stars.

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