Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Uncle Oogies, South Philadelphia

Uncle Oogie's is a special place tucked into a well-worn section of South Philly. They serve all kinds of convenience foods and I was tempted to try some of the sandwiches, but the primary purpose of my visit (lunchtime) was to sample the pie. Among their specialties, square pie available by the slice, was the breakfast pizza (smooth scrambled egg, American cheese) which had also peppers and onions, and the "Old Italian" which they bill as the world's best pizza.

Well, I appreciate the friendly service, modest prices, and the thin crust approach. Nothing wrong with a square slice, either. The breakfast pie was just right, a terrific combination of egg, cheese, and bread. Is it pizza? Why quibble? The Old Italian had a wonderful flavor, with a sauce sweet but not cloying, and rich basil/oregano seasoning. The crust was good, but not superb.

Oogie is doing something that few others are. I rate them 7 out of 10, which so far puts them ahead of any pie in West Chester. If they could firm up that crust a bit, they could be an 8 or a 9. Give old Oogie a shot next time you're headed in or out of the Philly stadium area.

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  1. Go to Uncle Oogie's in Sea Isle City, NJ! The crust is perfected there! Due to the humidity and water differences between the shore and the city, the dough recipes did not withstand the new location and has yet to be perfected.

    And as for your question as to whether the breakfast pie is actually pizza, have you ever even been to Italy? Where are your credentials as to stating what "pizza" actually is? My family was born and raised in Italy and what you consider "pizza" in America is nothing like pizza in Italy outside of a tourist trap. The best pizza in the world consists of nothing more than a THICK crust (thin crust is an American adaptation), olive oil, rosemary, parmigiano reggiano, salt, pepper, and sliced potatoes. And in Italy you buy pizza from a bakery not a "pizzeria" (an invention with an Italian name that is not truly Italian)! If you have been to Italy go to a town without American influence experience Italy, not what Americans want Italy to be! Pizza is a bread with toppings! You cannot look this definition up in a dictionary but go ask a little old lady in the Italian country side whom has never met an American before in her life and she will show you and maybe even feed you what pizza really is!

    Si deve sapere cosa si sta parlando prima di parlare!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nonna,

    You raise a good point. Although my grandfather was born in Naples and remembered eating pizza sold on street corners, I've never been there. As Adam Kuban has noted on the superb blog "Slice," to most of us the best "pizza" is the pizza from our earliest memories, be it wonderful Trenton style from DeLorenzo's or pablum from Pizza Hut. So should we quibble over what truly IS pizza and who has credentials to say so? You bet! If not on a blog dedicated to pizza, then where? I welcome your input and do look forward to visiting Naples. BTW, if you have Netflix, watch "Malena" to see a nice glimpse of Siracusa circa 1940, with a nice performance by the sublime Monica Bellucci.

    La pizza male è meglio che non la pizza.