Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Field Report: Brothers Pizza, Bradford Plaza, West Chester PA

We have another review from our Downingtown correspondent. Thanks for the thoughtful review!

"I have frequently purchased Brothers Pizza in East Bradford Plaza. The location is close to the house and takeout service is ready when promised. Brothers does one heck of a business. Maybe the volume is based on limited competition within close proximity because the pizza is "nothing to write home about."   

"The sauce is OK and they don't kill the pizza with too much cheese. Preparation of the pizza shows no love, no personal touch. The pizza is placed on a conveyor belt at one end of the oven and arrives at the other end as the finished product.  From entrance to exit, it is one-preparation-method-fits-all without any human intervention for quality control. A thin crust regular pizza or a Sicilian pie both cook the same amount of time. 

"The last pizza I purchased was half mushroom and pepperoni for my wife and I, and half plain for my daughter. Both add-ons were well represented on our half of the pie. But the crust! The dough beneath the ingredients and the outer edge of the pizza leave much to be desired. Actually, there was no crust, there were no burn marks from the pizza sitting on red hot bricks. There was no crackle from the bottom of the pizza when I bit into it. There were no ridges and valley from the crust heaving up from the heat. The outer edges puffed a little. Otherwise, the pizza was about as flat as the moment it entered the oven.  

"The dough had a decent taste, but it was spongey. Eating the edge of the crust was akin to eating a piece of warm bread. The pizza had no character. I could say the same about the plain piece of pizza that I ate as my second slice. Do I dislike Brothers pizza? No. Am I sold on Brothers pizza? No. My daughter disagrees with my evaluation; she likes it."

Well, that saves me a trip! In the West Chester PA region, I am going to Ron's Original Bar and Grille or Marzano's. Neither will be mistaken for Grimaldi's or Forcella, but they have something special at least.            

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  1. I disagree the sauce is homemade, the Sicilian pie's cook time is twice as long. They do not advertise brick oven pizza so it seems a bit ridiculous to judge them on brick oven standards. The place is always packed on a friday night whenever me and my family are there so they must be doing something right

  2. I also disagree, if you wanted a brick oven pizza that is where you should go. They have very affordable prices while keeping a homemade quality. Unfortunately we have people like you talking about pizza. Friendly service, great food, good luck finding a place like this no matter what location